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About Us

Sofi Exploration was founded in 2017 by Alfredo M. Gonzalez. We started with little more than an idea, but with the help of a few devoted people, we've created effective collaborative relationships around the country. Sofi Exploration has developed its oil and gas exploration, operation, and production company on its most precious asset: our people. Thanks to Sofi Exploration's elite industry partners, we have discovered, developed, and produced numerous oil and gas properties. As it supplies energy for a variety of other automated operations, the oil and gas industry is the most lucrative in terms of monetary value. The extraction and refining of these two natural resources allow for the manufacturing of a vast range of petroleum products, including fuel, gasoline, plastics, asphalt, pharmaceuticals, and others. This industry also contributes considerably too many nations' GDP (gross domestic product), making it a key component of the global economic framework.​  

We believe in Integrity, Partnership, Trust, High Performance, Protecting People and the Environment.

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