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Olivia Gonzalez

Executive Director 


Olivia Gonzalez has been an Executive Director at Sofi Exploration for the past two years. Her primary responsibilities include controlling day-to-day operations, enhancing performance, fostering organizational culture, supervising department heads, reporting on revenue, and guiding organizational strategy. Recently, Mrs. Gonzalez has taken on additional management responsibilities and is currently leading to assist the organization in achieving its objectives.

Mrs. Gonzalez was interested in both business management and accounting while she was a student at Tarleton State University. When she discovered the field of business administration, she knew where her career would lead.

Mrs. Gonzalez devised a new financial strategy that manages financial transactions 88% more effectively than its predecessor. She has been acknowledged by Sofi Exploration for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management and a QuickBooks Certification.


Olivia enjoys networking, running marathons, spending time with her family, and cooking in her spare

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