Alfredo M. Gonzalez

Alfredo M. Gonzalez is the President and CEO of Sofi Exploration. Mr. Gonzalez is a sought-after influential leader. For the last 10 years, his forte’ is offering proficient Good Practice Guidance aligning high production Asset Development opportunities in the Oil and Gas sectors with sophisticated investors who are in the market to expand their Cash Flow and Tax Advantage positions. His corporate Vision for Sofi Exploration is to be the energy company “most admired for its people, partners and performance”. His corporate Mission is to build successful partnerships based on 7 established pillars: High Performance, Integrity, Transparency, Trust, Verification and Protecting Partners and the Environment.  His immense knowledge and innovative counsel regarding asset development programs in the industry confirms the confidence of vigorous partnerships and superior offerings from the industry’s leading and selective Operators, Drilling Corporations and Completion Companies. Mr. Gonzalez continues to develop an extensive vetting process compelling industry leader to perform at the highest levels for investor participation and production achievement. The corporate goals are capital development, drilling, completion, production success and continuous liquidity development for his associates and partners.

Tristan McKinney
Chief Operating Officer

Tristan McKinney is the current Chief Operating Officer of Sofi Exploration. Mr. McKinney is a sought-after leader, through his guidance and leadership skills, Mr. McKinney has helped reshape Sofi Exploration. Before moving to Texas Mr. McKinney lived in Bainbridge Island Wa where he worked for Starbucks headquarters. In 2020 Mr.McKinney made the decision to move from Washington State to To  Texas, where he began as a Marketing Director for RE/MAX. In April of 2021, Mr.McKinney began his career at Sofi Exploration as the Marketing Director and quickly worked his way up. Mr. McKinney is currently attending Purdue University Global and is working on his Master's Degree in Business Marketing. 

Olivia Gonzalez.
Executive Director


Olivia Gonzalez is an experienced executive assistant and bookkeeper. Driven by organizational skills, she takes pride in providing the best accuracy and efficiency possible. As a result of this administrative experience, she has a seasoned perspective on how to organize financial procedures and deliver quality customer service. Her goals include Bachelor’s in Business Management, QuickBooks Certification, and a hunger to learn more. In addition to her primary job functions, Olivia has introduced a complex bookkeeping system that handles financial transactions 88% more efficiently than the previous one. When she’s not keeping busy with daily tasks, she enjoys running and spending time with family and friends