Alfredo M. Gonzalez

Alfredo M. Gonzalez is the President and CEO of Sofi Exploration. Mr. Gonzalez is a sought-after influential leader. For the last 10 years his forte’ is offering proficient Good Practice Guidance aligning high production Asset Development opportunities in the Oil and Gas sectors with sophisticated investors who are in the market to expand their Cash Flow and Tax Advantage positions. His corporate Vision for Sofi Exploration is to be the energy company “most admired for its people, partners and performance”. His corporate Mission is to build successful partnerships based on 7 established pillars: High Performance, Integrity, Transparency, Trust, Verification and Protecting Partners and the Environment.  His immense knowledge and innovative counsel regarding asset development programs in the industry confirms the confidence of vigorous partnerships and superior offerings from the industry’s leading and selective Operators, Drilling Corporations and Completion Companies. Mr. Gonzalez continues to develop an extensive vetting process compelling industry leader to perform at the highest levels for investor participation and production achievement. The corporate goals are capital development, drilling, completion, production success and continuous liquidity development for his associates and partners.

Jennifer Medina
Executive Administrator

Jennifer Medina is the Executive Administrator to the President of SOFI Exploration. After attending Oklahoma State University. Ms. Medina has expanded her professional proficiency by advancement in bookkeeping, account services, office and corporate management, legal assistant and executive client relations. Jennifer is resolute and poised at the level of Executive Administrator, with highly knowledgeable experience supporting mid and senior-level VP's as well as the CEO. Her high-level skill sets support executives with consistent administrative proficiency. Jennifer has perfected the talent to remain exceedingly approachable in a competitive field while maintaining a pleasant attitude and accommodating willingness to make a positive mark. Her attention to detail and accurate preparation emphasizes her essential qualities as a key member of the SOFI Exploration team.

Armando Cardona

IT Content Specialist

Armando Cardona is a skillful website developer. Mr. Cardona endeavors to create captivating products and services that match real business needs and build solid projects using code, encryption and other instruments vital to site development. He is also a professional photographer and videographer for over 10 years. Armando is currently attending The University of North Texas focused on a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. His skill sets provide SOFI Exploration partners with clear, comprehensible diagrams and illustrations, simplifying the energy sector for partner education and understanding. Armando generates excitement and enthusiasm along with professional web design skills to help make the information of Sofi Exploration more accessible to current and future partners. 

Jeff Reed

Energy Consultant

Jeff Reed is a professional asset development Public Relations specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry. Mr. Reed focuses on presenting exploration and production opportunities to sophisticated investor and investor groups. As an industry expert in oil and gas essentials, Jeff has over 8 years of successful experience, authorizing him as one of the industry leaders in detailed knowledge of oil and gas ventures. Jeff attended Texas Tech University. He earned an associate degree in H & R Management. However, not satisfied with the status quo, while performing altruistic service in Bosnia, Jeff's heart of compassion for humanitarian purposes in the region awarded him to successfully achieve a B.A in Hotel Resort Management from RIT in Dubrovnik, Croatia. These skill sets combined with his zeal and knowledge base in the Oil and Gas industry afford Jeff with highly sought-after asset development intuition for his clients. Jeff provides his client base the privilege of developing lasting value in the industry.

Jae Porter-Smith

Energy Consultant

Jae Porter-Smith is a professional Asset Development Specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry for SOFI Exploration. Mr. Smith presents a unique approach to his business determination. His focus resides in partnership asset development and company expansion through ambitious education.  Jae supports collective merits from previous tenures presenting him as a pivotal industry leader in the energy sector. Jae’s skill sets combined with his fervor and understanding of the Oil and Gas industry afford him with highly sought-after asset development intuition for his clients. Jae provides his client base the privilege of developing lasting value in the industry.

Cristian Ortiz

Energy Consultant

Cristian Ortiz is a professional Asset Development Specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry for SOFI Exploration. Mr. Ortiz has over 4 years of successful experience, empowering him as one of the industry leaders in comprehensive asset development knowledge in oil and gas ventures. Cristian presents a distinctive method to his business fortitude. He delivers a passionate charisma to the company’s development & growth. Cristian provides his client base the privilege of developing lasting value in the industry.



(469) 518-0099

6136 Frisco Square, Suite 370,  Frisco, Texas 75034

Our Sofi Exploration Team thanks you for the time and effort in evaluating our partnerships. For any further information, please feel free to call Jennifer Medina at (469) 518-0099
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