Partner Testimonials

"I have had a wonderful partnership with Sofi Exploration. Alfredo has always taken the time to return my calls or emails and acknowledge any concern or question I’ve ever had towards the program. It is evident that he leads a motivated and devoted team that works very hard to make participation as simple and convenient as possible. The level of communication has been clear, professional, and consistent no matter the situation at hand. Because of this, I can attest to the trustworthiness of our partnership. Alfredo is very experienced, knowledgeable and direct and always places his partner’s needs first. This was my first participation in oil and gas and he took the time to educate me on every detail of every step of the way and always let me know what my risks were in the current and future stages of the program. Because of this I feel much more comfortable and confident when participating in oil and gas.

In short, I can whole heartily recommend Sofi Exploration to anyone who is looking to participate."

Johnson H